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Life Narratives

Directive, 31

Another year to celebrate the gift of life in this world. Yes, I am existing for three decades and one. This is the feeling of exactly standing at the edge of the calendar as they say. But hey, the next platform would be the lottery card number line. Who knows that we can hit the jackpot this time?

All right, enough for discussing numbers now; I will just share some of my thoughts about life recently and being adult-er in the time of the pandemic. It felt like I was given a complete reset and an opportunity to reflect more on my life trajectory.

More Fun, Turning 31

In comparison to my early 20s, I guess entering the early 30s has more fun and life. (Nothing can be worst than 2012 – well in my opinion). Beyond grateful that despite the crisis of the pandemic, we are safe, healthy, and given provision to both our needs and even the little wants. Placing your trust in God truly brings peace of mind. Watching and praying with The Feast Online weekly helped me get through. πŸ™‚

When I look back on the times and photos before the pandemic, the fact that I am able to somehow re-establish myself as a daughter, a friend, a pet owner, a professional, and a citizen is all a form of blessing. It is a second chance for me to be alive and had the chance to experience what this world has to offer. Thus, I aim to make out the most that I can do to have a sensible existence.

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Even though turning to be an older adult (young adult, no more) this time carries more expectations from society in all aspects, I remind myself that real standards are not what they impose and everything is only temporary in this world. My resolution always now is to focus on what works best at the moment, let go of what’s not and have fun at the side. Work Hard, Play Hard – the term of living a balance life.

Prioritizing Self Care (Skin Care, Hair Cut and Fitness)

Age is just a number but we can’t deny it. Just embrace the fact that aging happens. Honestly, I felt that a lot last year when I first had my eyeglasses bought and diagnosed with acid reflux. The reason why I need to reduce my coffee intake. πŸ™ sad right? The sedentary lifestyle of working at home welcomes more calories to join my body. haha! So yes, I need to be intentional in making time for a fitness routine that includes biking and basic yoga.

Fitness Gauge
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Meanwhile, one advantage of working from home is more time for self-care and less exposure to pollution. Through readings and watching skincare routines, I know it is essential now at my age to take it seriously. Fortunately, I found a brand that works for which is actually one of my affiliate beauty products featured on this blog’s FB page. haha! I am learning the science behind it.

Before and After

Goodbye to my hair that has grown over 2 years of no salon visit.

Let’s start again something new this year!

Recalibrate Life

The hopes of all to end the pandemic seems to be slowly unraveling. It is time to restart. I laughed inside my head as I reminisce the plans I had way back in 2019. Haha! The pandemic actually gave me a relevant alibi so there is no need to explain how a job offer (on this PH government’s institution) ghosted me and why I chose to freelance. Luckily, I manage to do what I want and survive still at the same time. Thanks for that! At the moment, I always include in my prayers my seek for higher wisdom on how can I carry out my life on the verge of more responsibilities to come like aging parents, settling down, and more big decisions. Everything happens for a reason. I believe this redirection is for a better and greater purpose. Keep trusting! Ps. I love you, adulting!

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To step by step get back to reality, I follow a monthly planning series with the help of the lavendaire content on youtube. Promise, it makes me sane! Check it out also.

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Supporting Advocacies

I had this pause in creating content in this blog because I was really overwhelmed with the writing and language editing jobs I have lately. Of course, I need to prioritize what sustains my living first as creating content on this blog is still experimental and not yet largely profitable. I consider this my side business as a solopreneur.

Creating a content plan for 2022 is quite daunting so I thought of a move on a monthly basis just for things to happen in my blog. Incorporating my personal advocacies in content curating and affiliate marketing is a goal this year.

  • Using Eco-Friendly Material / Environmental Sustainability
  • Women Empowerment
  • Anti-Animal Cruelty
  • Support Small Local Entreprenuers
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Birthday Celebration

Brazo Medley – Conti’s Cake

I had a simple celebration at home since my birthday falls on a weekday. My butler riders delivered my food orders at home. Mom cooked pasta carbonara at home, also share with our neighbors. My usual faves are present on the menu. I added a new one which is the crab rolls – so good!

Gift for Self-Love unlocked!

Rose Quartz Roller and Guasha.

The Birthday Playlist

Music keeps me up all the time. Here is the list of songs I am tuned in to Spotify on repeat for inspiration and good vibes throughout the year. πŸ™‚ PS. Anne Marie’s Happy Birthday~ I just discovered it on my birthday.

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Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3


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