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Writing Hacks Academy launches ALL-IN PASS 12-12!

Laguna, Philippines– Writing Hacks Academy, an online writing school that empowers freelancers and entrepreneurs to write, launches an ALL-IN PASS that lets you access their top online courses and ebooks for the entire 2022.

Here are the information products you can study at your pace and convenience when you avail:

1. Business Writing for Professionals (Online Course)

  • Understand the business writing process, style, and characteristics of effective correspondences.
  • Learn to structure business letters, memos, emails, and minutes of the meeting to get the feedback you want.
  • Practice use of positive and professional language in written communication.

Course Review: ”I really love how informative the topics are especially when the process in writing business letters was explained.”-Migz Trinidad, Administrative Assistant

2. Freelance Writing Road Map (Online Course)

  • Equip you with the end-to-end processes involved in freelance writing so that you can acquire clients on your own.
  • Build your writing portfolio.
  • Prepare the tools you need to send job applications.

Course Review: ”My client acquisition skills moved to the next level! This program is a valuable investment for aspiring writers.”-Des Notario, Copywriter

3. Branding Basics for Freelancers and Coaches (Online Course)

  • Create or update your brand image
  • Solidify your brand message
  • Influence your clients’ perception through writing.

Course Review: “The training was a big eye-opener to me as a first-time author. I didn’t know that creating a brand name can be as fun and easy as this.”-Sheena Radam, Author

4. Level Up Your Writing Skills (Online Course)

  • Craft valuable content across all niches using five proven principles.
  • Defeat writer’s block and stay in your creative zone.
  • Follow a framework to improve your writing skills.

Course Review: “The course is brief, interactive, and interesting. I learned practical and easy-to-follow tips.” – Roni Rivera, Financial Advisor

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5. Write Better Business Emails (Online Course)

  • Craft valuable content across all niches using five proven principles.
  • Defeat writer’s block and stay in your creative zone.
  • Follow a framework to improve your writing skills.

Course Review: “This online short course is a great start for people who want to learn how to write business emails. Content like this can help employees and business owners to keep their online business communication as professional as it can be, especially nowadays where language shortcuts, abbreviation, and fad words are heavily used on the internet.”-Ronwaldo Brahymn Reyes – Chef, Business Owner

6. Business Writing Bloopers (Ebook)

  • Understand the business writing process and common pitfalls in style to avoid.
  • Read real-life stories of professionals like you who thought they were “writing the right way” but ended up embarrassed.
  • Get your answers to frequently asked questions about business writing.

Book Review: The content is concise, clear, and easy to understand. It’s a big help for beginners! The author really knows the subject.-Nemie Quiquino, Educator

7. Email Marketing Blueprint (Ebook)

  • Gain basic know-how of Email Marketing.
  • View examples from Filipino internet marketers.
  • Learn terminologies and tools used in the industry.

What’s mind-blowing?

The total value of these resources is around P13,598! But Writing Hacks Academy will launch this offer at a discounted rate to encourage you to learn these topics.

For a limited time only, you can claim your ALL-IN PASS at its lowest rate of only P3,499 from December 12-14, 2021.

Head on to Writing Hacks Academy’s website and get your course now!

Visit [https://join.writinghacksacademy.com/discount/LOVELY?redirect=%2Fproducts%2Fall-in-pass] and use the referral code [LOVELY] for more details.

About Writing Hacks Academy

Writing Hacks Academy empowers freelancers and entrepreneurs to use their writing skills in achieving personal and business goals. Visit their website https://writinghacksacademy.com/

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