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Why Handwritten Letters Make Us Happier?

Rarely do you meet a mailman and see mailboxes on houses nowadays. Who cares when you have an e-mail piled up with messages and chat applications for instant messaging? After all, snail mails sometimes get lost to the point when the recipient not being able to read the letter. Obviously, technology has brought so many perks and efficiency to the mailing system. However, sending a handwritten letter is not only limited to reaching someone in a long-distance; rather, it also hopes to reach the heart of someone close to us.

According to Steve Toepfer from Kent State University, make a habit of writing thoughtful letters of gratitude and care to someone. His research discovered that there is a psychological benefit of writing letters such as decreasing depressive symptoms. Thus, handwritten letters do not only benefit the receiver but also the writer. Expressing appreciation to a friend or family helps count your blessings in life.

Spilling Heart on Ink

A handwritten letter expresses sincerity at most times. The writer is free to talk about anything he/she without second thoughts. For the receiver, he/she can feel more the message of the writer if handwritten. When you write a handwritten letter, the only person expected to read it is the receiver. Unlike greeting in a social media post (in public view), you are aware that many people will know and react to it so there might be filters and limitations.

The Pen is Intimate

Handwriting is a unique attribute to one person. It always feels special to receive a handwritten letter from someone because a handwriting has a personal touch. It also sets apart from other messages you read. The sender/writer of the letter can show more creativity by placing personalized stickers or even draw symbols/images that no one can do. Some letters are even folded differently which creates this surprising moment before reading.

Effort Always Counts

One most attractive thing from a person in any kind of relationship is effort. Writing is inconvenient to do because it takes more time, creativity, and energy than sending a simple “HBD” on messenger/chat. Who would care to write now with all this fast-paced technology? For someone exerting an effort of writing a letter, you are a catch!

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From My Standpoint

The classic handwritten letters move my heart a lot when receiving one (super rare event!). Probably, I experienced living in the renaissance era in Europe (haha!) where literature flourished. Can I call myself an old soul? I appreciate even the small handwritten notes from my previous colleagues posted on my table. Likewise, I keep handwritten letters from my close school friends and want-to-know-you-better friends in my treasure box. It walks you to the memory lane as you get nostalgic reading them all. It is a reminder that at one point in your life someone cared about the connection you have and the moments made together.

If you ask some of my friends, I am sure they have received a handwritten letter from me some time ago (Christmas or Birthdays). It becomes a routine or hobby for me to do because it makes me feel good or happier. Also, I think expressing in words is my strength because your writer here is not the clingy type. Upon reflecting, writing a letter can make me feel good but I guess being selective in doing it is a wise move. Not everyone appreciates it, some may find it too cheesy, fancy, and cringey. Handwritten letters are not for everyone though.


In conclusion, it is proven that handwritten letters can make most people happier. You can be like me who likes writing or someone who prefers the other way around. It will always fall on our preferences. Hope you were able to find your own best way to express care to people you love.

Do you like writing and receiving handwritten letters? Share your thoughts about it!

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  1. I used to write lots of handwritten letters back in the day. When I do receive one now I am over the moon.

    1. Hello Jamie! so true, receiving handwritten letters felt like over the moon!😊

  2. I’m not really a romantic type but I don’t mind getting a handwritten lover from my boyfriend… The effort and his ugly handwriting are all I need. It can instantly make me happy. Thanks for this fantastic post!


    1. Hey Monique, that is way more romantic!😊

  3. I love handwritten letters. I used to write sorry notes to my parents when I was little, and that’s where it started. I still get excited when there is post. Usually just bills these days.

    1. Oh yes, it is hard to say sorry so we better write it. you are cool. 😊

  4. I agree with you, handwritten does means a lot more than typing. When sending a letter, should be with hand for the personal touch.

    1. Hi Fransic. so true – personal touch is priceless.💙

  5. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a handwritten letter or received one; it must be decades ago now. Oh, how wonderful it would be to get one through the post; it would be the pinnacle of the day. It is becoming a forgotten art form, and we should all try and get our pens and special paper ready to send to a friend.

    1. Hello Lou! Yes, it is becoming a forgotten art form that we need to keep alive. 💙

  6. Great post! Handwritten letters are such a cute idea, and I love that you’ve included the positives here x

    1. Hello Eleanor, yes of course!💙

  7. This is such a sweet post! I love handwritten letters and cards. I try to do them for birthdays each year, but I need to get better at writing letters for other occasions. They’re just so special.

    1. Hi Stephanie! We’re quite the same. It becomes a special routine.💙

  8. Very much agree with you, I love handwritten letters! People take the time to physically put it together and it’s so much more personal. I tend to write one every Christmas for my friends to reminisce on our memories for the year.

    1. Hello Jordanne! Yes, even once a year is fine just to make them feel special. 😊

  9. Handwritten letters take effort, which in turn demonstrates that someone has taken the time to be thoughtful. Email is all very well but nothing beat the feel of a letter in your hand 🙂 Lovely post!

    1. Hello Lisa! <3 So true, the amount of effort was done in writing letters is priceless.

  10. Charity says:

    I love handwritten letters! They mean so much more for sure!

    1. Hello Charity! Yes, handwritten letters are really special. <3

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  12. […] There’s something about receiving a handwritten letter than just makes you feel special. This blogger explains the mood boosting & heart warming power of a handwritten note. […]

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