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The Millionaire Detective 富豪刑事: Balance Unlimited | Anime Review

The Millionaire Detective follows a story of Daisuke Kambe, the heir to one of the wealthiest families in Japan, works as a detective in the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force (MCPTF), where officers who caused problems in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are sent as punishment. Haru Kato, a kindhearted detective, is selected to be Daisuke’s partner. Daisuke judges everything by its monetary value, even human lives. Kato, who believes that there is more to life than money, is disgusted by this behavior. See how these two disparate personalities come together and bring their unconventional methods to bear, tackling seemingly perfect crimes and unsolvable mysteries.

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Daisuke, Suzue and Kato : my mains 🙂 ; source: Pinterest

Daisuke Kanbe | the millionaire detective who never fails to catch criminals because of his awesome technology and gadgets. He came from a wealthy family line so he is always smooth on taking actions and confident working detective tasks through his own way; most of the time disregarding his partner in crime – Kato.

Haru Kato | is an average detective that believes in honest and fair justice in punishing the bad guys. He is so hard-working to the point that he can work without eating or sleeping. Meeting Daisuke – his new partner turned his world upside down because of showing another way of achieving justice.

Suzue Kanbe | the female support behind the tricks of Daisuke Kanbe’s high technology operations. She’s a reliable mission partner because of her skill in technology mechanics and intelligence. She concerns a lot about Daisuke’s well-being above all else.


The Millionaire Detective | Balance: Unlimited is produced under Cloverworks; also known for the art of The Promised Neverland, Horimiya, and more. The visuals are clean and simple; nothing complicated. I believe it suits well the narrative because this is only a detective story not a magical type of anime.

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The controversial cube ; source: The Geekiary

Opening OST – Navigator by SixTones

Ending OST – Welcome My Friend by Okamoto’s

The Millionaire Detective | Balance: Unlimited choice of music for their official soundtrack has this incredible swag that caught more the hearts of the anime fans. I am one of them! The beat and even lyrics are appropriate to the theme of the anime.

The Critique

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited is definitely my top favorite detective anime story released on Netflix last 2020. I first discovered it in some posts on Twitter in the forms of memes and GIF images. I got curious because it is unusual for detectives to be labeled as someone who came from a super-wealthy family.

To give you some background as an anime fan, I become fond of watching a detective type of genre because of Detective Conan. It has this looooong episode count but I really enjoyed deducing crimes with Conan. However, I would prefer the Millionaire Detective because it is more straightforward, financially abundant to make things possible and the plot twist is unpredictable.

Why Balance: Unlimited?

somewhere in our wildest dreams; source: twitter

I am also clueless about the title until I get to know that this is actually Daisuke Kanbe’s “magic word” whenever he needs to resolve something quickly. In other words, it is the prompt of transferring money in order to make things happen for his mission. When other anime has magical powers, his power is a close reflection in our reality. The more money the man has, the more powerful he is.

The funny part in the anime is when Daisuke left his money and gadgets at home. How did he survive? It is so cute there. Watch that part! You love more Kato x Daisuke team up!

overnight at Kato’s apartment ; source: Pinterest

Swooning over Daisuke Kanbe

The reason why I am not skipping the opening part is I am lured by Daisuke’s pose. Haha! I never had this attraction to a fictional character again until I watched this anime. He is just cool and mysterious. If he is in an otome game, my character would definitely go out with him. haha!

Daisuke Bias ; source: Pinterest

Teamwork in Metropolitan Police Department

One thing I like about watching The Millionaire Detective is the teamwork in MPD. Whenever they are set for a mission, they help out each other especially in times of need. They worked casually as if they are not under a police department because they are only wearing simple clothes and some members even looked like students. Nevertheless, they are reliable when there is a call for action. Many things happened ever since Daisuke joined their department; especially for Kato because they are partners.

The Miillionaire Detective photos
MPD squad ; source: google images

Grandpa plays Dice

Known as a detective veteran who came from the intelligence division, Chosuke Nakamoto is one notable character in The Millionaire Detective. At first, he only plays a subtle role of being the old man in the department but when the story unravels as you continue to watch; Chosuke-san is surely a dedicated and honest detective that knows the secret behind Daisuke parent’s murder. He is one key character in the story. He likes bringing dice everywhere especially when thinking. A techy catch about this dice is that it can also be a recorder.

Kato’s Past Trauma

Upon engaging in a traumatic incident, Haru Kato is unable to use firearms or even a simple gun because his hands are shaking. This incident also opens a back story of the reason behind Kato’s transfer to the police department from the intelligent department. You should watch out how he was able to overcome it as Daisuke became his detective partner while facing challenging missions.

your best partner in crime ; source: pinterest

Kanbe Family’s Plot Twist

As we all know, the usual rich kid in a drama or anime series earn a degree in business or something related to that field. In The Millionaire’s Detective, Daisuke Kambe wants rather to be a detective in order to solve this murder mystery on her mother when he was still young. While he is in Europe, he managed to have his own investigation about it and plans to further decipher who is the real culprit behind it. You’ll be surprised about its revelation in the end!

Suzue Kanbe: Daisuke’s Fiancé or Family?

stunning suzue ; source: cynically blue

The best detective side chic in The Millionaire Detective is no other than Suzue Kanbe. She can be this innocent young woman and a dangerous fox at the same time. Kato and I had the same thoughts about the relationship between Daisuke and Suzue. They are like a married couple living in a mansion; not to mention that intimate scene they had together. I really wonder why Daisuke denied it and refer Suzue only as a typical family member. They look so good together and the anime opening makes me ship them more.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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  2. Great anime review! I haven’t seen this one before but it seems an interesting one to watch!

    1. Yes Fransic, it is one great anime. <3 Go on and watch it esp. when you like detective stories.

  3. Great review! I hadn’t heard of this before but it looks amazing, I love that it has a detective aspect. I love a good detective story! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to check it out x

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, yup it is amazing. Hope you get the time to watch it!

  4. Oh man, that tie scene in the opening. I was interested in the series just from the cover image on Funimation but the camera panning up while he’s loosening his tie? I think the director for the opening knew *exactly* what they were doing with how they animated that scene.

    Aside from that, I really adore how Daisuke and Haru’s relationship changes over the course of the series. In the beginning Daisuke didn’t seem to care about Haru’s well-being, but by the end he made the split-second decisions to shove Haru away from a spray of bullets and to shield Haru from flying shrapnel. I love their individual personal story arcs as well as the twist at the end. It made all the interactions involving the real culprits throughout the series even more alarming on second viewing.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. First time for a long comment. 🙂
      It only showed that you enjoyed this anime a lot. I do agree with all you say here!

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