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Me Before You (2016): Movie Review


Adapted from the bestselling novel by Jo Jo Moyes, Me Before You tells the story of the unexpected relationship that blossoms between a contented small town Englishwoman and the wealthy, paralyzed Londoner who hires her as his caretaker.

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  • Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) – a 26-year-old woman who is creative, talented, and funny but underestimates herself and has few ambitions. Her life changes when she begins working as a caretaker for a paralyzed man. Over time, she learns to harness her capabilities and step out of her limited comfort zone.
  • William Traynor (Sam Claflin)– a 35-year-old who became quadriplegic after a motorbike accident. He is intelligent and wealthy, but his impairment has left him moody, angry, and bitter. Unable to accept never being the active and adventurous man he once was, he wants to end his life.
  • Camilla Traynor (Janet McTeer)– Will’s mother has a strained relationship with her son. She is severe and strict but she cares about her son’s well-being.
  • Steven Traynor – Will’s father who was mostly absent from his children’s lives; Camilla Traynor blames him for destroying their family. He wants to divorce Camilla.
  • Katrina (Treena) Clark  (Jenna Coleman)– Louisa’s younger sister is a single mother, who works at a flower shop. She has always been regarded as the most intelligent sibling. Even though the sisters have always been competitive, they support each other.
  • Patrick  (Matthew Lewis) – Louisa’s boyfriend who works as a personal trainer. He is obsessed with sports and diet.


  • Will’s House/Mansion
  • Horse racing
  • Classical music concert
  • Lou’s house (birthday scene)
  • Hawaii


Me Before You is a story of unconditional love that you never thought you can exist. In a quirky small town, a woman and an adventurous rich man met because of a circumstance and fall in love unexpectedly. How can you measure love beyond life and status?

Sheeran Soundtracks

Loving can hurt sometimes. And, it is the only thing I know. I am sure you are familiar with this excerpt of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. The moment Sheeran’s songs are playing as background music of the film stirs up all the emotions you can get from this kind of drama. You will fell in love more.

Louisa Clark’s Wardrobe

Louisa is a simple young woman who has big dreams. Living in a small town, she always felt that her dreams are impossible to reach. She likes to study fashion in Europe and work as a fashion designer. I like her series of clothing in the film because it only elaborates what she wants. She looks adorable in all those.

Emilia Clarke Fashion
// Clark’s Fashion

Special Connection

Louisa and William’s relationship started as plain patient and caregiver only. At first, William throws tantrums on Louisa whenever she stays there in his room to assist him. It is out of frustration and madness towards his physical disability after the accident.

Even if it is indeed difficult to deal with William, Louisa managed to stay because of her resolve and patience. She is in great need of money so she carries on the job. Eventually, Louisa and William became friends and formed a deep relationship. William remembers every little thing Louisa loves. Louisa becomes more concerned now for William’s life and future.

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“It’s nice when someone remembers the smallest details about you…. not because you keep reminding them, but because they care.” Me Before You (2016)


Trust no one. Even your long-time bestfriend can betray you. I really sympathized with William when he is invited by his bestfriend to attend his wedding and the bride is William’s ex-girlfriend. Isn’t it rude and heartbreaking?

A Matter of Life

True Love can conquer all even if one life has to be sacrificed and offer the best one to the other. Seriously, Me Before You is definitely one film that will make you cry bucks of tears reaching towards the ending. It reflects how our life is not perfect. Love will not always be that romantic fantasy you imagine but it can also be in a bitter package yet so genuine among all.

Me Before You quotes
William’s promise to Louisa.

I highly recommend you to watch Me Before You for such an inspiring story and commendable acting.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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  1. Sounds like a lovely movie to watch. This movie is definitely on my street. I really need to check it out. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Fadima! 🙂 This is really a worth watch romance drama film!

  2. Great review! I love the sound of this, it sounds like such a great movie with great development in their relationship. Will have to check it out, thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you Ceri! Yes, it is a must watch! <3

  3. It sounds great! I love Emilia Clarke.

    1. Yes, Emilia Clarke is a good and beautiful actress!

  4. I’ve seen a video about this movie but haven’t really watched the actual movie.

    1. Hello Fransic! You may watch the full movie of it! 🙂

  5. I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for years, but I think I need to read the book first. I always prefer to read the book before watching the movie if I have the chance. However, I’ve consistently heard good things about them both so I look forward to eventually checking them out for myself 🙂

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, this is a good film but I do agree that reading the book first is better.
      It happened to me in Harry Potter 4 – Goblet of Fire. hehe

  6. I love this movie, and Emilia’s character. It definitely pulls on your heart strings and didn’t turn out how I imagine. Now I want to go rewatch!

    1. Thanks, Cheyenne! so true, I remember my mom crying so much watching this film. Indeed, it pulls our heartstrings back and forth.
      That kind of love is like a miracle.

  7. Love this movie, though a bit heartbreaking. Emilia Clarke did entertain me, I like her character.

    1. Hi Vinn, yes it is a heartbreaking movie. :'( Acting is great here.

    2. Thanks Vinn, yes this film is heartbreaking. :'(

  8. I have seen this film so many times. It has to be one of my favourite film. Thank you for sharing this post,

    1. Yes, it is one worth film to watch. :)Thanks Charlotte!

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