#SaveRalph: Use Science, Not Animals

#SaveRalph became viral in social media after Humane Society International released a mockumentary about a rabbit named Ralph, narrating his cruel life as a rabbit being a tester for cosmetics and other products. The organization hopes to also awaken the consumer of products to support #BeCrueltyFree Products.

Here are the reputable logos to look for when buying a cosmetics and other beauty product.

Watch the short video about #SaveRalph here:

#SaveRalph is a wake-up call to the fact that animals still suffer from cosmetics and that it is time for this to stop. Today we have a wealth of reliable, animal-free methods to ensure product safety, so there is no excuse for making animals like Ralph suffer in testing.

Humane Society International , President Jeffrey Flocken 

I would like to thank my online artist friend Rays Drawing Art for our collaboration in creating content for the #SaveRalph petition. I hope more creative creators out there will help to be the voice of our animal friends against such cruelty. Check out Ray’s Drawing for #SaveRalph for youtube #shorts.

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