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5 Signs that Boy-friend is a Potential Boyfriend

Friendship is the founding bond in a relationship. It is the safe sanctuary of a relationship before jumping into a romantic one. Dating a friend is more comfortable, familiar and natural. Most of the dating couple also started out as friend. Before becoming a couple, you need to know first if this guy friend is really into you or just the plain ordinary buddy. Here are the known moves of this potential “Boy-friend turned Boyfriend”.

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1| Being attentive always on what you say

We love to talk to our friends as we hang out with them in groups. You notice this guy friend of yours actively interacts when you are the one talking. Most of the time he agrees on what you say, supports your ideas, cracks a joke between to make you laugh and remember the things that you said. Men are not good at remembering details as women. If this friend remembers even simple information then that’s a hint he’s interested.

2| Breaking the Touch Barriers

Let’s get physical. Men usually give hints of attraction using body language and touch. When a guy friend playfully pulls your hair or grab your arm, he is testing your response to get your attention and see your reaction. You will slap him. He will like it. He finds this friendly game of touch exciting. It’s his one way to touch you without being awkward.

3| Choose to spend more time with you

Men love to spend time also with his boy game buddies like playing sports or video games. But when it comes to you, he will always make time for it. That is strange so you know what this means. A man interested on you will always find ways even if it needs to cancel his other plans. That means he is a potential boyfriend.

4| Granting some of your Wishlist

This is one indicator that this friend is a potential boyfriend. A man who likes you will love to be at your service even at tough times. For instance, you only mentioned that you want to try eating this cheese cake and there’s no available one on your place. One day, he suddenly knocks on your door giving you that rare cheesecake . Isn’t it sweet?

5| Your gut feeling tells you so

You notice there are times that this guy friend is staring at you with sparkling eyes. You ignore it because you don’t want to assume that he likes you. But, as times goes by you observed the signs 1-4 being applied with the long term friendship you have with him. It is also supported by your other friends saying that this boy-friend actually likes you. You are getting the feeling that you are the only one who does not know. Trust your gut.

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These are only a few signs to tell if a guy friend likes you being in a romantic relationship. To confirm these signs it is still better to know the truth with your guy buddy. We don’t want to get hurt or embarrassed with our wrong expectations. Try to trigger him discretely so he will confess his real feeling for only you.

Have you experienced being in this kind of ” boy-friend to boyfriend” relationship? Share your thoughts by leaving comments below.


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  1. Auwww…..this is such a sweet lovely post!!!!!! I always wish for a friendship to turns into a relationship. But I’m still not lucky yet. Huhuhu…….

    1. Hello Fadima! ❤ sweet. Haha.
      Hope you will find one someday. 😊

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