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How To Keep A Long Distance Relationships in 5 Ways

In the Digital age, distance dating is considered one common set up of a romantic relationship. There are many reasons why couples are apart such as having different nationalities, working abroad, online dating, and the now “pandemic bubble” (even local couples can’t meet). It is an advantage that we have social media and have advance technology today to connect with our partner. However, is this enough to sustain the relationship?

Long Distance Relationship

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Here are 5 ways making sure to keep a long distance relationships:

1. Be genuinely interested in your partner’s life

Being in love makes you focus only on your romantic moments together and plans in the future as a couple. Have you ever thought about how your partner doing when alone? What activities he or she has in a day? Is your partner happy with that or not?

We continue to discover something new in our partner every single day. When you love someone, the genuine desire of knowing them more on a deeper level must be there. Your sincerity will shine through despite the distance.

2. The thought will always count

There is no hindrance now in throwing surprise for your sweetheart even in a long distance relationship. Effort is still the key in sustaining a relationship. How about inviting your love to do a tiktok challenge together (if only not a shy type)? You can also create a photo compilation of your moments together on your anniversary. So cheesy! Or, you can send a package of bouquet her favorite flowers (for female) and merchandise item of his favorite sports team (for male.) I am sure your partner will feel special and loved even in a distance.

3. Have an established trust with each other

We all have trust issues one way or another. For a partner far from us, it is normal to feel suspicious and have doubts when our expectations are not met. Late-night face call or receiving a sweet good morning greeting is a couple’s routine. What if one day it changed?

Don’t overthink, my friend. Be upfront with your partner. Ask directly (in a calm manner) why there’s a sudden change in the mood and pace of the conversation. He/She might be stressed with work or encountered a family problem recently. You’ll never know unless you confirm it. The initiative to ask shows concern and will be appreciated.

4. Refresh your Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor spices up a relationship. It is best to be creative in how you do your conversations online. Spend time online with the person you love while having a light feeling. It kicks all the stress away. You can send funny videos that would make each other laugh. Find ways to be virtually happy together.

5. Make Plans for the Future

Planning a future together gives security and assurance in a long-distance relationship. The only reason you may be apart is because of some inevitable circumstance. You can include on your plan your dream house, the number of kids to have, and travel goals. Trying to make things work out in the present while being far away matters. The fact that you are expecting to be reunited with your partner is the reality of commitment as a couple.

A long-distance relationship is not for all but with constant effort, it can work for the better. To keep a partner forever takes patience and trust. Therefore, do all best to make the distance never a hindrance at all.

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  1. Good post and tips. I once had a long distance relationship with a Portuguese guy. But unfortunately it didn’t work. Turns out we are only meant to be friends. But I’m grateful that we are still good friends till now.

    1. Thanks, Fadima for sharing your experience in a long-distance relationship. At least, you gained a friend.
      I believe it is cool to have one; however, it is more challenging than having a partner you physically meet.

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