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Top 5 Social Media I use

Connections. One thing that runs our lives every day. We connect with everyone we encounter at home, school, work, and our community. Because of technology today, we can also connect with people across the world having different times and locations within seconds through social media.

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We all have smartphones now so it is easy to connect anytime and anywhere. You can choose the best social media for you by simply downloading it as an app on your phone.

Having social media accounts helped me send messages efficiently at work, connect with family +friends and get more writing gigs. Through blogging also, I am glad to interact with different writers and creatives worldwide. My online community became my home in the digital world!

Here are the Top 5 Social Media I use:


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I love Twitter the most among all social media existing! It’s always been so convenient for me to be updated on trending news, to promote my blog and to express my thoughts/rants FREELY.  This is also the platform where I can be blunt. Here, I can say any random things without worries! Also, Twitter brings me closer to my favorite bloggers, bands, and actors.

Linked In

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Linkedin is a career-oriented social networking platform. This will make you explore the job opportunities suited to your expertise. Everything in my Linkedin dashboard is content smart and worth reading. People you get connections in Linked In are mostly professional and credible.


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Facebook started out when I was in college. My cousin convinced me to make an FB account because of the game “Pet Society”. I thought it’s just a gaming website like Miniclip but it is an actual social networking site like Friendster and Multiply.

At the moment, Facebook is a social network that I use to instantly connect with family, relatives, colleagues, and friends. Facebook helped the best in promoting my blogs for more views. However, I am cautious to post anything on Facebook since it’s prone to fraud.


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Pinterest is an organized and link-friendly social media platform. It gives me inspiration about interior design, beauty, travel, quotes, and blogging. There are categories of boards you can pin in your own profile for keeps.


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Most of my friends and celebrities love using the Instagram app. This is best for photography posts because it offers different and creative filters to choose from. As for me, I find Instagram useful for my Preloved Items Online Shop. The platform is designed perfectly to highlight product items in a photo.

Social media must be used with balance and care. Increased addiction to scrolling down our feed from time to time is one enemy of productivity. According to Netflix’s Social Dilemma documentary, social media are like drugs; in the sense, that it gives humans this sensation and satisfaction. It can drastically affect our mental health. At the end of the day, we are in charge of our lives. We must control our screen time/usage of social media because it is only a tool, and we are not.

So there you go! Do we have the same social media choices? Share your thoughts by simply leaving comments below.

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  1. I use Twitter and Instagram the most! Probably a little too much haha.

    1. Hello Jackie! Thanks for your comment. Yes, we tend to do much social media at times. hehe

  2. Great post! I only use social media for my blog now, not personal use, and I feel much better for it! However, Twitter is my favourite social media channel for my blog, and I love the community on there. Thanks for sharing, it’s great to get talking about our favourites x

    1. Hello there Eleanor! Yes, Twitter is also my favorite social media. Glad to meet you there. 😀

  3. I definitely use Twitter the most, especially for my blog. Thanks for sharing how you use social media!

    1. I agree Tiffany. I also use Twitter the most for sharing my blog. Thanks for visiting my post!

  4. I use all but Linked In and really appreciate social media for how it has connected me to friends and family I rarely see. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Jodie! Yes, social media really connects us to people close to us and even from afar. 🙂

  5. I have all of them apart from Facebook! I like Twitter the best & spend far too much time scrolling through my timeline x

    1. Hello MCA! 🙂 True, Twitter is also my go-to social media. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  6. I’ve found it interesting how over the years how we use social media has evolved. Much like you, I tend to use each app in a different way or at least get different things from it. I don’t really make the best use of my blog’s Facebook page or its Pinterest so I need to rethink how I approach it. Twitter is definitely my favourite at the moment too!

  7. These are all great but I find Pinterest is the mysterious one that leads viewers to websites. I need to use it better.

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