Hunter x Hunter: Anime Review

Hunter x Hunter (2011) is a shounen anime series set in a world of hunters. They are skilled in using different Nen techniques serving them best to achieve their objective in life such as revenge, searching for the father, soul searching (knowing the purpose of life), and acquiring great wealth. It also shows the dangerous missions of hunters in order to create a balance between humanity and beastly creatures. The anime series is based on the manga of Yoshihiro Togashi.


source: Devian art

Gon Freecs | a boy from whale island who aims of meeting his own father, who is also a hunter. He is skilled with physical strength and endurance. In the series, he is friendly, innocent, and genuine. However, he shows no remorse for beastly creatures bringing terror to the people he cares about.

Killua Zoldyck | a young and quick-witted hunter from the Zoldyck clan, a famous family of assassins. He has a high tolerance to pain, poison, and electricity since he had rigorous training as a child. Although, his weakness is the fear of encountering opponents who are immensely powerful.

Kurapika (Kurta Clan) |coming from the clan of scarlet eyes, he is a survivor of a massive massacre that happened to his family. His goal is to revenge on this group of thieves, known as the phantom troupe so he became a blacklist hunter.

Leorio Paradaknight |he wanted to acquire a hunter license for him to have funds for medical school because he plans to be a doctor. Fortunately, he survived the hunter exam upon knowing his friends’ gon, killua, and kurapika.


The 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime series is the improved version of animation from the old one (1999). I believe that Mad House animation studio created a better animation for the series and make the characters appear livelier in visual animation.


source: google images
  1. Departure – Ono Masatoshi (Opening OST 2011)
  2. Reason – Yuzu (Ending OST 2011 – Greed Island)
  3. Ohayou – Keno (Opening OST 1999)

Hunter x Hunter anime original soundtracks traverse you into a world of adventure, bravery, and never-ending friendship. Whenever I listen to it, it uplifts my spirit for optimism and courage. ๐Ÿ™‚ It also reminds me of the great feeling I had watching the anime. You can smile again!~

The Critique

Hunter x Hunter is my favorite shounen anime series of all time. Recently, I am able to peek at some episodes again because it is on Netflix (yay!); that happened when my brother decided to watch it for the first time.

I claim it as my all-time favorite anime because it appeals to my preferred type of power in an alternate reality. Probably, I prefer to be a hunter than a samurai, ninja, or pirates because of its versatility of power. Even though there are more “hyped” shounen anime through the years such as Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and more, my heart stays closest to Hunter x Hunter.

Story x Arcs

Hunter x Hunter is divided into 7 story arcs in the 2011 anime series. There is a total of 148 episodes.

  • Hunter Exam Arc
  • Zoldyck Family Arc
  • Heavens Arena Arc
  • York New Arc
  • Greed Island Arc
  • Chimera Ant Arc
  • Hunter Chairman Election Arc

If you are interested to learn in detail what happened per story arc, then you should visit the Hunterpedia. In my opinion, the best story arcs are Hunter Exam Arc, York New City Arc, and Chimera Ant Arc.

Image result for Hunter exam arc

In Hunter’s exam arc, the main characters were able to meet and it founded the friendship they develop throughout the series. It also made me understand the value and respect of becoming a professional hunter in that world.

In York New City Arc, things get serious and bloody (yes, that’s it). Kurapika takes the lead on the plot by hunting down the phantom troupe. His Nen is quite a perfection and really designed for his victorious revenge – gosh, the “Emperor’s Time”! Meanwhile, Gon, Killua, and Leorio explored the world of auction. Using their “Gyo”, they were able to find the most valuable items in the market. They need money to enter the Greed Island game during that time.

Image result for Chimera Ant Arc

In Chimera Ant Arc, events get more brutal (yes, so true) and dramatic. It is the longest story arc in Hunter x Hunter. There are so many notable characters in terms of strength and nen specialty. It got a lot more interesting for the dynamic duo of Gon and Killua to surpass this ultimate challenge to them being a professional hunter

Nen x Power

Here is a visual representation to understand the concept of Nen.

To be a professional hunter, you need to discover what kind of Nen do you possess, control its power and use it in battles. There is an edge for hunters who have mastered well using Nen. This concept convinced me to like even more the Hunter x Hunter series because recently I am into meditating which relates to the idea of life energy we have as humans.

The best use of Nen I have seen in the anime are Neon Nostrade’s Lovely Ghostwriter, Biscuit Krueger’s Magic Massage, Kurapika’s Emperor’s Time, and Netero’s Hands attack equipped with poor man’s rose.

I know there are more powerful types and techniques of using Nen. The mentioned one is what I thought rare and creates a great impact when using to the owner or the opponent.

Notable x Characters


Image result for hisoka

Seriously, he is one character who is well-loved in the Hunter x Hunter universe. Many would choose him also as a favorite character because of his strength, side story, flamboyance, humor, and mystery. I consider Hisoka as one of the strongest hunters in this series. I really would love to see him battle too in the chimera ant arc but he is not there. How come? I am hoping that Hisoka will have his own spotlight too in an arc. Surely, many are anticipating it also.

Not sure whom to make him a partner in crime with because he works alone; but he is known to be close with Illumi Zoldyck and has some back story issues with Chrollo Lucilfer, phantom troupe leader.

Isaac Netero and Zeno Zoldyck

Image result for isaac netero and zeno

The grandpa tandem I will forever ship! I peek a little bit on the Dark Continent Arc manga. Then, I learned that they are close friends during their youth. I am just amazed how they manage the dragon dive in separating the Chimera Ant Arc King from his royal guards. Mindblowing! I also appreciate the fact why Netero has become the chairman of the hunter association. After learning his back story and sacrificing his life for humanity, (men!) he deserves that chair.

Mureum and Komugi

Image result for meruem and komugi

A love story that caught you off guard. I never expected this to happen but I would like to commend Togashi for doing so. Their relationship explains that love goes beyond appearance, power and ability. This an implicit theme of Romeo and Juliet kind injected in a plot of an anime series.

Friendship x Forever

If I have to change the title of this anime, I can make it “Gon and Killua” adventures. No kidding. haha! I understand that the main protagonist should be four. With that, the story flow should balance for them but probably, Gon is the favorite boy here.

Image result for Gon and Killua

The genuine friendship between Killua and Gon made me hold on to watching the anime. They are total opposites that complement each other. I love how they grow together as professional hunters and friends. If you are in this kind of relationship in real-life then you are lucky enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rating: 8 out of 10

If you have any thoughts to share about this anime series, feel free toย leave a comment below!ย 



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