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The Teacher’s Diary ~ ไดอารี่ครู : Movie Review


The movie, The Teacher’s Diary, follows the story of two lonely teachers who were assigned in the school boat but a year apart. The girl being assigned first attempted to write her thoughts in a diary because of isolation. One day she has to be transferred to another school and left the diary. The male teacher came by as a substitute and saw the diary, thus, get curious and fell in love with the unacquainted writer. How did it happen?

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Teacher Song | Played by Sukrit Wisetkaew

Thailand Movie

a former wrestler who is applying for a teaching position. He was rather sent to the houseboat branch of the school as a teaching substitute. He’s not really good at teaching but has a good heart and diligent in the job.

Teacher Ann | Played by Chermarn Boonyasak

She’s the owner of the diary. She’s the former teacher in the houseboat. The students share good stories about her because she is a good teacher. She can be stubborn at times but real brave on the inside.


The cinematography of The Teacher’s Diary is GREAT! The camera moves accordingly in capturing beautiful scenic frames in the film. It makes the audience feel the real ambiance of having a school in a boat. The water shots are amazing!


  • Floating Boat School
  • Main School
  • Song’s Apartment
  • Principal’s office


The Teacher’s Diary, a Thailand movie, is a must-watch film for everyone in the world, especially those who are advocates of education. The moment I saw the trailer, it did amazed and convince me to watch the film because I sense some sort of mystery about the relationship between the two teachers while promoting the value of education for children especially in the rural areas of Thailand.

Inspired from a true story

  • The floating school is real. There is a floating school in northern Thailand. Well, the one in the movie is the setting scene, not the real one.
  • The diary is inspired by the true story of a lady who found the diary on her office desk and she tried to find the owner. Finally, they met and got married.

“I never thought of being a teacher. From the start, it’s been full of hardships.”

Teacher Song

The Value of Education

Image result for the teacher's diary Bie Sukrit teaching

The Teacher’s Diary explores the value of education for rural children. These students are located in provinces that lack proper resources and even teachers in order to provide education for students in the area. Teacher Song shows his dedication to helping one student be motivated in going back to school. His efforts were really moving.

Perfect Blend on Film Production

The process of making the film, The Teacher’s Diary, proves real talent in directing, acting, scriptwriting, and choice of song. I may sound bias but the film made me feel overwhelmed with such goodness because it’s been a while I’ve seen a film of a masterpiece until I watch this one.

Upon watching the behind-the-scenes footage on Youtube, I realized how much hard work they put into it especially in water scenes. Actress Ploy even attends swimming classes for her to act on it rather than getting a double. Actor Sukrit has this natural humor that keeps up the set lively when filming.

Appreciating Thailand Music

The song, ไม่ต่างกัน – 25 Hours ost. คิดถึงวิทยา(The Teacher’s Diary) | English Translation: Not Different, expresses a typical Thailand culture on its kind of melodic arrangement and is deeply relatable to the story.

School of Broken Hearts

Image result for the teacher's diary

Teacher Song and Teacher Ann both experience being broken-hearted because of an act of cheating by their love partners. They both shared this same emotion as they write in the diary. The Teacher’s Diary touched also the subtheme of love, as a failed experience; hence, finding the right one for you is the best reward in the end.

Unexpected Humor

Humor in the film brought tears to me, tears of joy, when watching. The acting and timing are effective in plotting an element of comedy. Probably, it is the reason why I laughed a lot, especially during teacher Song’s moments with the children in the school boat.

Image result for the teacher's diary Bie Sukrit teaching

Overall, The Teacher’s Diary is one of my most recommended Thailand movies that you should watch. Realize the importance of education for children especially in rural. Learn to love and never give up!

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

If you have any thoughts to share about this film, feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂


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  1. Thai movies are quite cool to watch. I haven’t been watching Thai movies for quite a long time. This one sounds awesome. I’ll check it out soon. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, thai movies are a good watch as well. 🙂

  2. I’ve never watched any Thai films before, but this one sounds really interesting! Thank you for sharing your thoughts x

    1. Thanks Eleanor! Hope you enjoy it!

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