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The Umbrella Academy: Netflix Series Review

Hargreeves Siblings in an elevator ; Photo Source: Pinterest

The kid wants coffee, black. We need tons of caffeine to prevent the upcoming apocalypse in the world. The Hargreeves got us here; solving all the way out of this chaos. The Umbrella Academy is your extraordinary siblings having different sentiments and strengths. Watching this Netflix Original Series will traverse you a mind-blowing experience. Witness a variety of powers, timeline manipulation, talking intelligent ape, and this cool dysfunctional family all in one series.

Umbrella Academy Kids ; Photo Source: Looper

In 1989, an eccentric billionaire named Reginald Hargreeves adopted 7 infants from this peculiar event of giving birth. He created the Umbrella Academy and prepares his children to save the world (except for Number 7). Fast forward to the present time, the Hargreeves siblings were reunited upon knowing the death of their father. By then, they try to solve the mystery of the death of their father, discover unknown powers, and escape the threat of a global apocalypse that is about to happen. The story is based on a collection of graphic novels and comics written by Gerard Way (former My Chemical Romance lead singer) and visual art by Gabriel Ba’.


Hargreeves Siblings ; Photo Source : Pinterest

Luther Hargreeves (Number One) – Tom Hopper

Diego Hargreeves (Number Two) – David Castaneda

Allison Hargreeves (Number Three) – Emmy Raver – Lampman

Klaus Hargreeves (Number Four) – Robert Sheehan

“Five” Hargreeves (Number Five) – Aidan Gallagher

Ben Hargreeves (Number Six) – Justin H. Min

Vanya Hargreeves (Number Seven) – Ellen Page

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I got a bit obsessed (bought two TUA merch already online, haha) with the Umbrella Academy Netflix series this 2020. During quarantine time, it is easier to binge-watch Netflix series in a day. I was glued on my seat the whole day just to finish a season. Definitely, this is one of the best relationships I have with Netflix in terms of the science fiction and mystery genre. I totally love this series! Of course, this review will let you know the reasons why.

In love with Five Hargreeves

Played remarkably by Aidan Gallagher, Five Hargreeves is one of the best key characters in the series The Umbrella Academy. He is the boy who kills. I can’t imagine the series without him being back in the present time to give a warning and leading a plan to stop the apocalypse to happen. I began rooting for him since the episode where he ordered black coffee in a doughnuts shop and killed the guys from the commission effortlessly. His power of space and time travel is astounding and jaw-dropping!

Dysfunctional Family with Super Powers

What special about this series: everyone is special. It is inevitable to compare with X-Men Series and Titans. As for me, The Umbrella Academy stands out for its mystery, unique approach for having powers and unknown villains. It is still a mystery in my point of view as an audience (not a comics reader here) about who really is the villain. In superhero series or films, the villain is explicitly determined from the beginning. You know it, right? Here, I am not sure if one sibling can turn out to a villain or Sir Reginald himself having a selfish intention to earth (knowing he’s an alien). I have no idea at all. I am using the critical and deductive parts of my brain in watching this show. That is why I can’t let go of watching from one episode to the next.

The White Violin ; Photo Source: Pinterest

They are all-powerful here but Vanya is the bomb. She is the secret weapon. The sweet and shy Number 7 power is terribly the twin of the apocalypse. Her storyline is interesting because she’s surprisingly the strongest. She’s one character I look forward to seeing more in the progress of The Umbrella Academy sequel.

On the other hand, Klaus’ (Number 4) power is the hardest to endure of all. I understand why he resorted to drugs, was an alcoholic, and become queer. He needs a bit of push and courage. His ability to communicate and summon the dead can be useful at the hand of a battle. Klaus is the only one who can talk to Ben (Number 5) because he’s dead since they were young. Ben’s power is using the tentacles monster from his body. Ben’s death is also a mystery still not being revealed in detail. I want more of him next season!

I heard a rumor.. ; Photo Source: Pinterest

I heard a rumor… The super convincing powers of Allison (Number 3) can be so useful in daily regular life. If you want to be rich, this power can increase your sales and get more clients. Haha! Going back to the story, Allison is trying her best to be a good sister to Vanya. It was revealed that she knew Vanya has powers back then among the siblings but kept quiet about it. At that moment I understand why she concerned about herself. She has a special relationship too with Luther (Number 1). Why not? They are not being siblings for real. Luther has super strength and left for the dark side of the moon mission. There was so much to explain and explore regards with that mission. Hope this can be elaborated on in the next season as well.

Moon Mission; Photo Source: Parrot Analytics

Luther often fights with Diego (Number 2). Diego has the perfect aim ability yet is too aggressive having a hero syndrome among all the siblings. Maybe because he is used to being police or detective.

Together they will fix and get back everything to its normal timeline. Will they succeed?

Gerard Way Being the Author

Photo Source: Metro

“No way, that it’s Gerard Way”, I said to myself. You can be a lead singer of an emo rock band 10 years ago than a known graphic novel author today. Now, real-life can bring you more twists than a story. At first, I am really surprised to discover that but a part of me wants to congratulate this dude for coming up with a magnificent mystery – science fiction novel or comic-like The Umbrella Academy.

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Groovy Oldies and Matching Soundtracks

No wonder why this Netflix series has the best choice of soundtrack per scene. Knowing now that the writer is a musician. They have a great collaboration with the director for the songs as well. Yes, I am watching the behind-the-scenes clips too. Here are my best faves on Number Five fight scenes and Klaus Trashy Weird Lifestyle OSTs:

Photo Source: Spoiler TV

Click to listen 🙂

Catchy Dialogues of the Characters

When it comes to an indelible dialogue, it is a tie between Klaus and Five. Haha! I love how they keep the fun (unintentionally, haha) in The Umbrella Academy Series. See these unforgettable ones :

Do you remember Dolores? Haha; Photo Source: Pinterest

This is the image of Diego to Five; Photo Source: Pinterest

Poor Cult of Klaus. ; Photo Source: Pinterest


Having No Coffee in the House is illegal!; GIF Source: Tumblr


The never-ending escape from the apocalypse has become repetitive from seasons 1 – 3. Though we must say that the plot revolves around it and our heroes (TUA Family) are only trying their best to save the world from it. It seems the apocalypse was only replaced by kugelblitz in season 3.

The Sparrow Academy in season 3 adds excitement to my anticipation of watching the series. However, I think they were not given a longer chance to prove themselves. I expected more action between them and the Umbrella Academy but in the end, only Sloane stayed because of Luther. It would be better if their powers were showcased longer and even helped our main heroes to solve things. Christopher, the box, must be explored more as a character. I am so curious. One reason why my rating for season 3 is lower. I mean, I expected more than this.

Some questions in my mind were answered in S3 such as how mothers got instantly pregnant and why Luther has to be on the moon. However, more questions were added after I saw the s3 ending. Why does Allison have a different scenario? What is about a universe reset without powers? Why another ben is riding on a train? The ending is quite ambiguous yet still compelling for me to watch.

Nevertheless, the show is still great according to my discretion as a seasoned binge-watcher of science fiction and mystery stories. I hope The Umbrella Academy will keep up its engaging plot, reveal mystery sensibly and give more character development.


The Umbrella Academy – Season 1 | TRAILER

“Revelation of Mystery, Secrets and Unknown Power while finding a way out from the Near Apocalypse”

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Umbrella Academy – Season 2 | TRAILER

“Living the life in 1960s Texas, more showing off powers and ending to an alternate present time.”

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Umbrella Academy – Season 3 | TRAILER

“Back to the alternate present but with the sparrows, kugelblitz, hotel oblivion, and a made-up universe. ”

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐


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Note: All photos are taken from Google Images. The review and rating for this Netflix Series are only based on the personal opinion of the reviewer.

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  1. We are big My Chemical Romance fans over here, so when we heard they were making The Umbrella Academy into a Netflix Series, we were over the moon! We read the comics so we kind of knew where the story would go, but at the same time loved the readaptation they did for the screen! We can not wait for season 3 to come out!

    1. Hi Simona! Thanks for visiting my post for the first time. ❤ Yay! I am waiting for some TUA fans to leave comments here. Glad you are one and even an MCR fan! 🖤🤟 Oh my, you read the comics. That’s way cool!😎
      Yes, I am excited for S3 too!🥳

  2. Great review! I really enjoyed the umbrella academy and I’m excited for the next season! I agree with you that Five is the best character and I love that it’s a family of dysfunctional superheroes!

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. 💖
      So true, did you know that they already finished filming officially for S3!
      Hahaha, Five is so 🔥 lit.
      I will be updating soon the review.

  3. I absolutely love TUA and I’m obsessed with Klaus, haha! I am looking forward to the next series and where the story/characters are going to go/develop. It was perfect pandemic viewing as it has action, emotion and some great quirky laughs. I hadn’t heard anything about TUA before I watched the series so it’s definitely left me wanting to find out more!

    1. Hello Molly! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. So true, watching Netflix helped me keep up with this pandemic. ✨
      TUA’s story was really mind-blowing. 🤯 The thing that they always need to escape this apocalypse and its source intrigues me every time.
      I want to know more as also I am not a comic reader. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!

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